Organic Whole Grain Seed Mix Bread 29oz
Organic Whole Grain Seed Mix Bread 29oz

Organic Whole Grain Seed Mix Bread 29oz

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Our modern Northern European-inspired handmade loaf contains 100% organic whole grain flour, 60% organic whole grain rye and 40% organic whole grain wheat, fermented over the course of 10 hours. A milder alternative to rye bread, this artisan loaf masterfully balances flavor
and texture. We sprinkle ample amounts of organic pumpkin seeds and organic sunflower seeds throughout and atop the bread. With it’s delicate yet rustic, rye flavor and fibrous, nutty structure, this loaf offers a deep and skillfully cultivated flavor profile with a crunch. This bread is great for avocado toast, and each slice will keep you full for 4-5 hours. Rye flour has a lower gluten content than wheat flour, and is perfect for those individuals with a gluten sensitivity. Whole grain flour is higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals compared to refined, bleached white flour.

Ingredients: organic wholegrain dark rye flour, organic whole wheat flour, water, sourdough starter, organic sugar, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds, sea salt, organic coconut oil.

Certified USDA Organic. Certified Vegan. 100% Sourdough, industrial yeast-free. Free from any taste enhancers, colorants, GMO ingredients, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. Processed in a nut-free facility.

Care - Keep wrapped in paper and protective plastic sleeve preventing the bread from sweating
and drying out. Store on the counter for up to 7-10 days ensuring interior temperature does not exceed 75°F, refrigerate for 3-4 weeks, or slice and freeze for 6 months.



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