Organic Dark Rye Latvian Bread 29oz
Organic Dark Rye Latvian Bread 29oz

Organic Dark Rye Latvian Bread 29oz

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Handmade from an ancient Latvian recipe with 100% coarse-ground organic whole grain dark rye flour, this bestseller is one of our most hearty and complex recipes.

The coarse-ground flour absorbs liquid slowly allowing for a longer fermentation process of 26 hours. Infused with organic rye berries, organic barley malt syrup, and organic caraway seeds, this loaf is layered with bold and bright earthy flavors. With it’s assertive, tangy, and tart tones, robust aroma, and densely rich textures, this mouthwatering bread promises to satisfy your appetite. This bread is perfect for breakfast, and will keep you full for 4-5 hours. Rye flour contains less gluten than wheat flour, and is perfect for those individuals with a gluten sensitivity. An extremely low glycemic index makes this your number one option for a bread which helps to control blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: organic wholegrain pumpernickel rye flour, water, organic rye berries, organic barley malt syrup, sourdough starter, organic sugar, organic caraway seeds, sea salt, organic coconut oil.

Certified USDA Organic. Certified Vegan. 100% Sourdough, industrial yeast-free. Wheat free. Free from any taste enhancers, colorants, GMO ingredients, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. Processed in a nut-free facility.

Care - Keep wrapped in a paper and protective plastic sleeve preventing the bread from sweating and drying out. Store on the counter for up to 10 days ensuring interior temperature does not exceed 75°F, refrigerate for 3-4 weeks, or slice and freeze for 6 months.



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