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I am in love with this bread. I came home from the farmers market with a loaf of Artisan Dark Rye Latvian Bread and can't stop eating it, sliced thin and slathered with butter. There is something nostalgic for me about the taste. It is made with no wheat, only rye, the way it should be!

From Venice, California

Janis P.

Got a french sourdough today and I could hardly wait till I got home to eat it. It was delicious all by itself, toasted with a little bit of butter. I'm so glad I found this today at the Culver farmers market, I'll be back for sure.

From Los Angeles, California

Amanda B.

Wife and I love bread so much that It's often part of every daily meal including our midnight snack.     So I welcomed the loaf my wife brought me last week from the Organic & Slow Bakery at the Farmer's Market on Admiralty.  We finished the bread in three days, not an easy task since it weighed more than 2 pounds.  So today we went back to the Farmer's Market and bought 3 more loaves.

From Marina del Rey, CA

Bob L.

About Us

"I often get asked why our bread is so incredible, there is a simple answer.

When our family moved to the United States, we were unable to find the unique European bread that we were accustomed to, which is why after months of searching for healthy and tasty bread I decided I should create my own bread. Since the health of my family is my greatest concern, I sought after natural sourdough bread made from the best available organic ingredients -
And now, we serve the same tasty and healthy bread to our valued customers.''

- Signe D Platace, owner The Real Bread

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